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New Utility for Downloading MP3 Files

San Rafael, CA, January 6th, 2000 - Phil Burk

A new utility called DownLater has just been released that will make downloading MP3 files much more pleasant. When browsing an MP3 site, the typical user will want to download several files. But downloading files as they are encountered can tie up the modem and slow down the browser. Now, however, users can simply drag-and-drop the link to the MP3 file onto DownLater which will store the URL for the file. When the user has finished surfing the web, they can hit a button and have their files downloaded one-by-one. DownLater can also be configured to download the files during the night. DownLater will work with any downloadable files on the web but is particularly handy for MP3 files.

DownLater is a demo-ware product from DownLater can be evaluated for 30 days before registering the product. provides a number of Audio and Internet related products including JSyn, a Java Synthesis API that allows computer music programs to be played from a web page. also provides contract services including programming and ASIC design.

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