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"Music" and Other Sounds

By Phil Burk.

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10/30/2000 - WebDrum1

A live recording of Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk playing together over the web using the first version of the WebDrum, a JSyn based collaborative drum box. Nick was in New York, NY and Phil was in San Rafael, CA.

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1992 - RelNet

RelNet is a duet for two 56000-DSP boards under the control of HMSL. Computers are connected in a MIDI ring network. A note is played using a real-time FM synthesizer. Information about the note including frequency and duration are passed to the next computer over MIDI. The next computer can then play a new note at a frequency related to the previous note by a whole number ratio or selected from an absolute just intonation scale. Performers have direct control over FM parameters such as carrier/modulator ratios and envelopes. Performed by Phil Burk and Jeanne Parson at the CCM.

1992 - Squiggle

Squiggle is a duet for two 56000-DSP boards. The DSPs were running at a blistering 25 MHz which allowed us to do real-time synthesis under the control of HMSL. The performer controls two synthesis parameters by the x,y movements of a mouse. Gestures can be recorded and played back from a grid. Performed by Phil Burk and Jeanne Parson at the CCM.

10/26/1987 - Mills Moog - Study

This is a 4-track mixdown of sounds created using the large modular Moog synthesizer at the CCM. It builds slowly and really gets going after about 5 or 6 minutes.

1980 - Kroma Tik

Early sequencer experiment using a Z80 single board computer kit and a CTC chip. The sequencer was programmed using hex machine code. Patterns were selected using a hex keypad, which you can hear occasionally. External pulses drove a noise envelope on a homemade synth. Atonal guitar improvisation laid on top. Recorded in Berkeley, CA.